Event Planning With Chair Massage

What better way to draw attention to your next convention, meeting, or event than providing a skilled massage therapist at your location?

How many chances to you really get to make a lasting impression? Let's look at a hypothetical situation. You are attending a trade show/convention out of town and you've planned everything. You have your booth set up, your salespeople are in place, everyone knows their role. But, there's one little problem, everyone else at your trade show is in the very same boat. They are completely prepared also. The attendees need a hook to get them into your booth to hear your pitch. How are you going to separate yourself from your competitors? How are you going to get those attendees to listen to your pitch? Two words: Chair Massage.

The average chair massage at an event, trade show, convention, or meeting can last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. That's right, you will have their undivided attention for those precious moments that will allow you to give them your pitch and to make them remember your message. It's a perfect combination of giving and receiving. You give the chair massage session and they get your message - along with a relaxing massage.

Having a licensed and insured chair massage therapist at your event can provide any of the following benefits:

  • Increase traffic to your location
  • Market and promote your product
  • Generate a memorable experience
  • Provide a convenient break during the day
  • Stimulate participants in a healthy manner
  • Differentiate your services
  • Assist with turnout

Our therapists have experience with every type of event from the Sturgis Bike Rally in North Dakota to the Super Bowl in Arizona. Our massage services have been given as gifts to clients, a centerpiece for birthday parties, and helped with the launch of new businesses. Our therapists are prepared to incorporate the healing and relaxing benefits of chair massage in any situation.

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