Corporate Chair Masssage Programs

One of the most effective ways to implement the therapeutic effects of on-site chair massage is to initiate a repetitive corporate program.

In todayís market, employers are looking to provide cost-effective HR benefits to their employees. Chair massage at the office can bring a forward-thinking concept to employees that will directly benefit the productivity and mental state of those utilizing the service. In addition, it can be an extremely effective recruiting tool for the best and the brightest potential employees. And lets face it, competition for the upper echelon of employees is fierce. How better to show them your level of dedication to their well being than to provide a consistent presence of a licensed chair massage therapist at your location.

Chair massage can fit nicely in an existing wellness program and/or can become the cornerstone for a new program. With our various payment plans, National can keep the direct cost to the company at a minimum, while providing a premium service to your employees. Trust us, once we get them in the massage chair, they will love it!

We offer multiple payment plans including:

  • 100% Company Sponsored Programs
  • Company/Employee Co-Pay Programs
  • 100% Employee Sponsored Programs

We also offer a convenient Online Scheduling Program that allows for total control over your chair massage visits. Your employees will have access to their own personalized account where they can list their chair massage technique desires, purchase chair massage credits (if needed), and have access to book any open session for the future. It's also an unbelievable tool for your company's admin person. The company admin will have full access to all of the upcoming schedules to see utilization rates, see exactly who's participating, see if the schedules are full or have sessions to be filled, all from their desktop.

Our Online Scheduler was custom designed from the ground up with only our business in mind. No other company has this technology and we keep it simple, consise, and effective, just for our users. We also offer 24/7/365 support for all of our clients. That's right, if you need us, you can get us - any time, anywhere.

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